PSDT2012 - Planning for Sustainable Development in Thailand

         Learning from those who stayed dry
     Making a flood preparation guide for local communities in Central Thailand

                     Workshop for advanced bachelor and master students


2011 saw Central Thailand and Bangkok experiencing the worst flood in more than half a century. The flood claimed the lives of about 800 people, affected the lives and livelihoods of 13 million others and caused tens of billions of damage to properties in an area the size of a small country.
         In spite of the fact that Central Thailand and Bangkok experience flooding regularly, and in spite of the fact that the water, unlike in the case of a flashflood, travelled down the Chao Phraya river basis slowly, numerous communities were caught largely unprepared when the water eventually reached their grounds. A positive exception is the Ban PhaeoRak community in SamutSakhon province, about 50km west of Bangkok. Here, community members developed and implemented a flood-prevention and management strategy well before the water reached their territory, enabling them to endure the flood at minimal loss.
         Since (severe) flooding is a recurrent phenomenon in the Chao Phraya river basin, other communities would do well to learn from the experiences gained by this community. In this year’s training program we aim to contribute to this learning process by making the Ban Phaeo experience accessible to other communities in Central Thailand. We will engage with this ‘best-practice’ community, study the preparation process it went through, provide further advice, and convert the findings into a more generic, process-oriented ‘community flood preparation guide’ available to other communities in Central Thailand and possibly beyond. 
         The program offers place for about 20 international advanced bachelor and master students from such disciplines as human geography, urban, rural and environmental planning, community studies, landscape design, etc. The program will take place from 7 till 21 August 2012 in Bangkok (Kasetsart University) and Ban Phaeo.


When: 7-21 August 2012
Where: Bangkok and Ban Pheao, Thailand
Costs: THB 12,000
Registration deadline: 15 June 2012

Organized by: Division of Urban and Environmental Planning, Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University, in cooperation with Tongji University (Shanghai), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and the University of Amsterdam
Contact: Dr. Bart Lambregts ( or Dr. SupapornK. Leopairojna (
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