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Current Students

Doctor of Philosophy

Ph.D. (Built Environment)

Year Program: 3


The 3-year Ph.D. Program in the Built Environment is being offered for those seeking in-depth knowledge and research expertise in the physical built environment with an awareness in the balances between the natural environment and urbanized communities, architecture, landscape architecture, and related technologies. The Program aims to produce graduates with abilities to set policies on sustainable environmental management through justified measures and suitable allocation of natural resources. It is meant to create the knowledge base needed for the development of the nation with a careful balance in ecological, socio-economic, and cultural systems. It is also planned to gain its potential and strength in the future in order to become a center of this field in Southeast Asia.

Curriculum Total Credit Units


Yearly Learning Approach

  • Courses + Seminars
  • Seminars + Thesis
  • Thesis

Special Features

Course works are exempted for those who demonstrate intensive research experiences. While their attendances in the Seminars are required but unaccredited, their thesis credits are intensified from 36 to 48. A pass in English language examination and publication of students’ research are among DiB graduation requirements.

Regular Admission Requirement

Type 1.1 - Only those who fulfilled the dissertation requirements in his/her master programs will be allowed to assume the Special Features option. However, they must have academic background in Architecture, Interior Decoration, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Building Innovation, Vernacular Architecture, Thai Architecture, Architectural History, Industrial Design, Engineering, or Environmental Science.
Type 2.1 - For those holding a master degree, with or without dissertation requirements, and with the same academic backgrounds as mentioned for Type 1.1. Note: All Program activities are conducted in Thai language, except for a few and occasional lectures by guests from abroad that will be presented in English.

Main Language


Lists of Courses

  • Advanced Research Methods (3)
  • Electives (minimum 2 courses) (5)
  • Seminars (4)
  • Thesis (36)