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In accordance with Kasetsart University’s original specialization in diverse subjects associated with agricultural sciences and land resource management, the Faculty of Architecture firmly establishes its academic approach in the studies of design and development of built environment towards a sustainable future. We move forward to be a leader in the integrated knowledge of green design via missions combining academics, professional practice, research, organization management, public services and extracurricular activities. Such emphasis is conveyed through radical teaching and research strategies of AKU’s four academic divisions while allowing room for innovation and interpretation of design principles and management that exhibit considerate use of natural resources, utilize appropriate technology, balance human needs with nature and create minimal environmental impact. Among our cultivation strategies of green design awareness is a portrayal of sustainability-oriented outlooks in most basic and advanced courses based on their fundamental objectives and contents. Additionally, as one ofKasetsart’s fourteen faculties in which disciplines are closely linked and contribute to one another, we take advantage of academic diversity and valuable resources available within the University and beyond by integrating multidisciplinary data, techniques and tools with creativity and innovation in order to create a holistic approach to sustainable design as well as to generate a new body of green knowledge appropriate for our environment.